Beading Heart Handmade Jewelry

We specialize in 8 bit renditions of classic games and anime.

Item Description Cost Notes
Remastered Charm Bracelets Each bracelet comes with 5 charms, chosen by you. $40 each
Traditional Charm Bracelets Each bracelet comes with 1 charm, chosen by you. $10 each You may add additional charms. Each additional charm is $6.
Charms 4 Charm minimum if ordered individually. $5 each
Earrings These are single charm earrings. Multiple charms cost more. $19 single pair
$35 for two
Additional charms cost $7 per set.
Keychains/Purse Charms There are three different size of charms, each different in price. Large – $16 each; $30 for 2
Medium – $11 each; $20 for 2
Mini – $9 each
Mini charms can have additional charms added for $6 each
Bookmarks Two charms come standard with each bookmark. $28 each
Necklaces Each necklace has 1 charm. $11 each
$20 for 2
Necklace and Earring Sets Each set includes 1 pair of earrings and a necklace. $28 each
$54 for 2
8 Bit Wall Bling Each item is created by special order. *Special – see section for more information. Pricing is done based on the size of the wall bling and effort involved. Shipping will cost more as well, due to size.